Remote Work is Much More Than That

It is flexibility and communality. Privacy and the exchanging of thoughts. Combining holidays and work. Digitalization and the development of technology enable an approach to work that is centred around the enticing thought of freedom.

When your work is time- and place-independent, weekends and holidays are not the only times you can enjoy freedom. Discover your new, inspiring workspace in the Kuopio region!

Remote workspaces in the Kuopio region on a map.

Parties providing remote workspaces are responsible for the accuracy of the information, safety and the suitability of the space for working.

Entrepreneur, join us in offering a suitable space for remote work

Remote workers are waiting for your pre-made service packages. Join our service and describe the space you have to offer, including its basic information. You can offer just about any type of space for remote work, as long as the additional services are in order. Many customers appreciate ready-made solutions. It is essential that the space is equipped to enable working, meaning that it has at least the following:

desk (table and chair)
Wi-Fi connection and electric wall sockets
coffee or refreshments
snacks or lunch

You could also write about what makes your space or service unique. Is it the soothing music, the closeness of nature or perhaps the inspiring space?

For those who appreciate stops.

Work that involves a lot of travelling gives variety and enriches the life of many workers. But when you are not on the road, having your own, fixed base allows you to stop and calm down. Choose a permanent or a temporary workspace; a calm, private space or an energizing community. The Kuopio region is full of opportunities!

For those who thrive in a community.

Staying at home is not always worth it. A community of like-minded people gives you energy and inspiration when your thoughts hit a wall or it feels hard to concentrate at home. If you want a workspace outside your home or workplace, you can lease a space from the business communities of the Kuopio region. Exchange thoughts, have lunch together, be inspired and build networks. You can lease a community workspace for one day or a longer period of time – depending on how you feel!

For those making the most of their time.

Find a balance between work and life in the Kuopio region. If you can work remotely, all you need is a suitable workspace – and we have plenty of those to offer. Take a head start and let the weekend begin whenever you want. Complete the last tasks of the week and start a minication on Friday right after work.

For those looking for inspiration

The exotic region of Kuopio offers endless inspiring spaces for remote workers. When your working environment starts to feel all too familiar, changing your perspective may just do the trick. Functional venues designed for remote working give more room for thinking and allow you to work in peace when your task requires concentration.