Quality of Life in Kuopio

Every resident of the city of Kuopio has a personal relationship with their living environment, built on the perfect balance between nature and the city, life and work, growth and safety and globality and locality. Here, nature can be found close to the city, there is time to relax outside of work and having control over your life creates a sense of security. In addition to leisure activities, this wellbeing can also be seen in working life, because Kuopio is known for its strong expertise in wellness, bio and health technology. In fact, Kuopio is ranked among the top cities in national resident satisfaction and image surveys year after year. The rankings are well in line with the vision of Kuopio: to be the capital of good life in 2030.

Overall Impression

According to a survey examining the image of municipalities in 2020, Kuopio has the second-best overall impression and the third-best image factors out of the cities in Finland with more than 100 000 residents. Kuopio was praised especially for its productive municipal cooperation, its town planning in light of business activities and the fact that the municipal officials are easy to contact. Kuopio also came second among the cities with more than 100 000 residents in terms of its entrepreneur-friendly attitude and the willingness to recommend the city. The survey was answered by a total of 2 028 representatives of the business life from the 36 biggest municipalities and cities in Finland. The respondents answered the survey in terms of the municipalities and cities where their company operates. 

Resident Satisfaction

The Kuopio region is home to satisfied residents, reveals the Kuntarating 2019 study. According to the study, the happiest residents in Eastern Finland can be found in Siilinjärvi. Kuopio came in second place. The happiest residents in Finland live in Kauniainen, Naantali and Pirkkala. Siilinjärvi came in fourth in this comparison. In terms of the 20 biggest cities, the happiest people can be found in Helsinki, Seinäjoki and Espoo. According to the study, nature, safety and peacefulness are key criteria when measuring resident satisfaction. A sense of communality, on the other hand, increases the sense of security. The Kuntarating 2019 study conducted by EPSI Rating consist of interviews with a total of 14 000 residents over the age of 18 living in Finland.

Willingness to Move

According to a study published by Taloustutkimus examining people’s willingness to move and the image of cities and municipalities in 2020, Kuopio is considered the fifth best place to live in Finland based on its overall image. Kuopio is number one in the regional comparison with other cities in Eastern Finland, and came in fourth place when assessing the comfort of the living environment. The second-best city in Eastern Finland is Joensuu. In addition to a comfortable living environment, the strengths of Kuopio include safety and providing a good growth environment for children, criteria in which the city has also excelled in previous years. The survey examined 61 of the biggest cities and municipalities in Finland. It was conducted in February 2020 and answered by 3 101 Finns aged 15–79 years.