Kuopio is known as a place where it seems as if everyone knows a secret about life. By combining work and leisure, you can make every day a good day. A laid-back pace of life in an environment where the driving force of the urban heartbeat meets the soothing waves of the lake and the green forests feed creativity, creating innovations that serve society as a whole. You can find inspiration in the numerous cultural experiences and events of the city or its quiet natural trails, which can be found in the many nature reserves of the Kuopio region, not to mention Tahko, the fourth-biggest ski resort in Finland. The city of twin peaks is also the location of Puijo, a famous landmark of Kuopio, and the quintessentially Finnish scenery that can be admired from its peak.



The range of culture available in the Kuopio region is delightfully diverse. The Music Centre, the City Theatre, theatres, exhibitions and museums in the province provide something to see and experience 365 days of the year. Experience the impressive acoustics of the 1050-seat concert hall of the Kuopio Music Centre, enjoy a performance by the biggest professional theatre in Eastern Finland and stand in awe in front of a mammoth in the museum. In addition, art exhibitions and libraries provide information and insight into life in the past, present and future, while encouraging visitors to question the prevailing views of the world around them. Other places worth visiting include the national landscape of Väisälänmäki, which has inspired artists, and the Haminalahti Culture Trail.

Kuopio Music Centre
Kuopio City Theatre
Kuopio Museum
Kuopio City Library
Haminalahti Culture Trail


The Kuopio region has more than 700 indoor and outdoor exercise venues. Exercise enthusiasts can choose from, e.g., 32 public beaches, eight local sports areas suitable for the whole family, the second-largest public swimming pool in Finland, a world-class skate park and a heated football stadium. In addition, the Bellanranta Activity Park has something to do for people of all ages, whereas the legendary stairs and nature trails of the Puijo sport and recreation venue give you a muscle building workout in the most beautiful natural surroundings. The versatile range of services at Tahko invite even the most hardcore downhill skiers to hit the slopes. Exciting experiences at adventure park Leppis in Leppävirta can be balanced by water exercise at the Vesileppis, Fontanella, Kunnonpaikka or Rauhalahti spa.

Kuopion in Motion (Liikkuva Kuopio)


Summer in Kuopio begins with Kuopio Dance Festival, the largest and most versatile international dance art festival in the Nordic countries. The major event organized in June is followed by Kuopio Wine Festival, held in early July and known for its relaxed, but clean atmosphere and leading Finnish music artists. When July turns to August, rock music festival Kuopiorock takes over the Väinölänniemi recreation venue, and September is the time of the fish market event for the whole family. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival, Oluset Beer Festival in Iisalmi, the Suonenjoki Strawberry Carnival, Vekara-Varkaus Children’s Summer Festival, Finland Ice Marathon and, at the heart of it all, the Kuopio Market Square, one of the busiest market squares in Finland – all this makes Kuopio a city of phenomenal experiences.

Events on Kuopionseinä
Events in and near Iisalmi
Event calendar of the Kuopio region
Kuopio Dance Festival
Kuopio Wine Festival
ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival
Oluset Beer Festival in Iisalmi
Suonenjoki Strawberry Carnival
Vekara-Varkaus Children’s Summer Festival
Finland Ice Marathon
Kuopio Market Square