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The city of Kuopio is recognized across Finland as a leader in health and wellness expertise. In addition, cleantech, bioeconomy and technology industries, in addition to ICT, digitalization and tourism are among the top fields in the Kuopio region. Moreover, Kuopio Science Park is one of the most prominent hubs of research and product development in the water industry in Finland, whereas Varkaus boasts strong expertise in the energy industry. North Savo is among the top provinces in the country when comparing economic growth. This growth will be further accelerated by the hub of competence for more than 36 000 people that is being built in Savilahti. In addition to expertise and competence, the success story of Kuopio is based on courage, perseverance and, above all, strong cooperation.

TE-live and TE Services

Developed by a team from North Savo, TE-live is an efficient, interactive, location-independent recruitment channel. Its live broadcasts can be viewed on the spot in Messi in Kuopio and Iisalmi or online on the TE-live website, YouTube or Facebook. Recorded broadcasts can be found in all the above channels, whereas upcoming broadcasts will appear on the website. In addition to recruitment broadcasts, the live broadcasts include informative RecruitmentTraining clips and discussion on current topics in working life and training, business development and the services of the TE Office of Northern Savo. Viewers can take part in the broadcasts anonymously in a chat service.

TE Services


There are more than 7 000 companies in the Kuopio region, employing roughly 53 000 people. This figure will be even higher in the future, because the number of companies growing. BusinessKuopio serves as a partner for companies. It supports a healthy business life by promoting business activities, developing business environments for companies and attracting investments and talent into the region. It provides a full range of services and an active network of partners to support entrepreneurs. It also develops business-friendly, competitive environments for enterprises and increases regional appeal by building awareness of the region in Finland and abroad. Read the success stories to find out more about companies in the region and find your partner.

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